真摯情愛 優質生命


Sincere Love, Remarkable Life

Fang Fang-fang, Wang Jing-jing

知性主持人方芳芳,於事業如日中天之際遠嫁上海;王菁菁則歛起演員夢,成了宏泰集團長媳一肩扛起家務,兩人從備受家庭呵護的女孩,成為無私付出的母親一路關照彼此。在各自的精華歲月裡沉澱智慧,淘洗出溫潤澄淨的心靈,終能踏入第二人生,她們懷抱感恩傾力「台灣優質生命協會」回饋社會。午後暖陽灑落,《enya FASHION QUEEN》和姐妹倆一同分享以愛佐料的人生真味。

Intellectual host Fang Fang-fang was married to Shanghai when her career was on the crest of a wave, whereas Wang Jing-jing gave up her dream of being an actress, and became the eldest daughter-in-law of the Hungtai Group, who shoulders the responsibility of houseworks. The two ladies who were well-raised by their parents have become selfless mothers, and have been attending each other along the way. During their best years, the two have accumulated wisdom, and shaped themselves into warm and pure mind, before entering their second life, where they became members of the Taiwan U-Life Association and devote themselves to the society. Under the warm and vibrant sun in the afternoon, enya FASHION QUEEN joins the two ladies on a journey to explore a life of love






How did you come into contact with the Taiwan U-Life Association?

Fang Fang-fang (hereinafter abbreviated as Fang): I entered the entertainment industry when I graduated from senior high school, and I wasn’t familiar with other industries since I made my debut early. I was lucky that the audiences took fancy in me for a period of time, though I often looked back and realized that a lot of people only look at the surface of the celebrities and the luxurious side of them, without knowing that a lot of senior celebrities under numerous challenges and hardships before their success now.

Now I am eager to give back to this circle. Having participated in the Taiwan U-Life Association for years, I was invited by Ba Ge to assume the president position for 2020, and I accepted the offer without much consideration on how much that title represents, though I told myself to just give my best. I am very grateful for Ba Ge and Ji Bao-ru, and I am very touched by their selfless devotion and genuine love towards underprivileged groups.

From helping out at the gala in the past to becoming the president this year, I knew very well that my effort wasn’t enough. So I asked Jing jing if she was willing to help me out, and she said yes without a doubt.

Jing jing is a woman with full of positive energy, and it’s always a great time hanging out with her. For instance, when we play golf together, she would always scream “good shot” as long as the ball flies forward, no matter if I win the point or not.

Wang Jing-jing (hereinafter abbreviated as Jing): Like Fang fang said, we have gone through a lot of things along our journey, and we feel that it is necessary to give back to the society, so I am grateful that Fang fang thought of me and invited me to do this. Despite my shorter period in the entertainment industry, I know that a lot of people only notice the flamboyant appearances of many celebrities, where the arduous processes behind these flashy outer shells are often omitted, and some of them are even unable to save up their money when they are old. Hence, I hope to do my part, and exert our influential power to do something for the underprivileged groups. I am thankful to participate in this event, and I wish by doing so we can prompt people to start doing good deeds.








What touched you the most during the process?

Fang: What I remembered the most was the time when we visited a grandpa, who prepared pancakes and congee so early in the day to welcome us. When we walked into his tin house, we felt like we were traveling back to our childhood at the military dependents’ village, and grandpa was very welcoming. I happened to stay in Shanghai for more than 10 years, so grandpa finally opened up and began speaking to me with his rich Shanghainese accent, which prevented him from speaking up for a long time.

The pancake had a different texture because not only did he happen to run out of baking powder on that day, but also he was having difficulty in applying force due to the swelling in his hands caused by dialysis. I couldn’t help but started crying. Life is like a mirror, and i saw love and passion on grandpa’s face. I hope to spread the love and happiness within my heart, because only “love” will make this world a more beautiful place, and only can “selflessness” unite this world.

Do you have a much deeper understanding in love as you grow older or experience identity changes ?

Fang: Actuallty, I used to dislike children before, and the feeling completely changed after I gave birth to my son. I also used to close my bedroom door whenever I sleep in the past because I am scared of ghosts. I find that my son does the same thing when he sleeps. However, I told him “ghosts only haunt bad people” because, as a mother now, no longer can I be afraid of anything. It is my responsibility to protect him. Having gone through things like these made me understand even more that love is a form of power, and that the ability to love someone selflessly is a blessing.









When were the moments in your life when you deeply felt love?

Fang: Not until I became a mother myself could I finally appreciate and understand my mom more. As my manager, she would always go with me to the shooting scene, forbid me from going to the disco, and wearing exposing clothes. It was so late that I noticed she cared about me so much. The love that she gave me was just profound, though I didn’t stay in Taiwan for too long afterwards.

I used to always take their love for granted and believed that it was something that I didn’t really need to ask for much. However, only when they are no longer with us, would I finally understand how much pain it costs to lose someone who is so important to me. Ever since, it has allowed me to understand that the love from my families and friends is so precious, and I thank God for every beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.

Jing: Us women are emotional creature. After knowing about my mother’s diagnosis of lung adenocarcinoma, I came back from Singapore immediately, which I am grateful for myself in making this decision. I was there for her during the entire journey. After my mother, my father-in-law was diagnosed with the same disease, and my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which frankly is quite exhausting to the mind, but we have emitted our substantial amount of love to our families whilst accompanying them.

Numerous women at similar age have lost their real selves by devoting to their families for half of their lives. How should women maintain their passion in life?

Jing- I am currently learning tea ceremony and floriculture, where I often obtain serenity during the process, since it is necessary to return to tranquility and steadiness when you reach to a certain age, even if you have gone through larger emotional fluctuations when you were young. Furthermore, my husband has diabetes, so apart from following a clean diet, I also play golf with him, where it’s easier to get freckles from prolonged period exposed under the sun, which he knows as well. The time that we spend together at the golf course has elevated our relationship, which has affected how our children perceive our marriage, further leading to a stronger family cohesiveness.

Fang: I think that continuous learning is very important. In addition to attempting Chinese painting in the past, I have touched upon Western drawings, where I can indulge myself in arts. I had participated in the Chinese and Western drawing sessions taught by Jiang Xun in Shanghai before, and I would listen to his audiobooks at home, where his voice calms me to sleep.

In constrast, My husband always asks me where to go. I encourage him to try new things. Recently, he has started to play violin once again after 16 years, and even asked a piano teacher for music accompaniment, though he isn’t the best at playing violin. However, the various roles in life are all parts of me, and I always tell myself to be true and genuine to myself by exerting every last drop of energy.












What would you encourage women at the same age to be brave in planning for the rest of their lives by your own life experience?

Fang: Love yourself, and don’t let your children and families stop yourself from buying clothes and accessories. Children will plan their lives when they grow up, and you will be able to be the best self you could be after varietizing your own experiences and make yourself pretty.

Jing: Your body will start to experience changes after passing the age of 50, where you are no longer able to shoulder all family affairs like you did when you were 2-30 years old. Time flies,even though you don’t notice it. my father would be the best example, who passed away so early at the age of 59.

So I encourage women at this age group to love themselves, to acquire things from the fields that you are interested. Go for a massage when you are feeling fatigue, and don’t be reluctant in buying new clothes for yourself, as well as go out and enjoy afternoon tea with your buddies, since female mediation is also essential.

This is why some people have said that besties are the primary factor behind women’s longevity, with whom are able to exchange things in life with, whilst increasing energy to face upcoming challenges. Having them is the biggest blessing and happiness to women.

Can you talk about the idea that one must consider others in your own place for love?

Jing: I am a Christian, and the doctrine talks about “selflessness”, which is why I deeply feel that love can only be felt when you are devoting yourslef for others. I want to share some of the quotes from my idol Audrey Hepburn, who once said, “treat everyone with sincerity, as honesty is the most heartfelt quality”, “treat this world with benevolence”, and “do not irritate, resent, rage, and reveal bad looks for small things”.

Fang: I don’t necessarily consider much about it, I just simply transmit the love within me. If love is a beam of light, I am willing for this beam of light to bloom.

What images of the Taiwanese society does the association want to depict?

Fang: The association helps with elders who live alone, senior celebrities, and children with mental retardation. We are obviously unable to visit all corners of Taiwan yet, though we hope to transform Taiwan into a place full of love through everyone’s continuous cultivation and efforts.

Jing: I hope that it’s more than financial help, since I wish that our actions will inspire others to help more people in any way possible.


What should the best posture in life look like? The day of shooting was abrupt yet beautiful as we were enveloped by the elegance of Fang Fang-fang and Wang Jing-jing. We also appreciated the radiant and glistening smiles of these two gorgeous ladies. In addition to the condensation of age, they have laid down their stubbornness out of courage, which has infused elasticity in their lives. Whether it is retrieving lost passion, or exploring fields, the overflowing energy is adequately enough to influence others, where love will always appear as ripples and diffuse outward alongside devotion whilst ferment within. The most beautiful posture is obtained through implementation, which resembles how the two fine women dedicate themselves to the Taiwan U-Life Association, and gradually incorporate a remarkable look to the Taiwanese society through different methods.

優質生命 女人做自己