玲瓏心 蘊藏溫度之美

Delicate Heart contains beautiful warmth


Walking into the studio on the day of the interview, Chiungling Chang, who is clearly very accustomed to being elegant, with a leisurely smile on her face, whispers, good morning. The whole person exudes an optimal state, which is a kind of rich abundance from the inside to the outside. "Beauty" invariably and inescapably runs throughout a woman's life. It is not only about external appearance, but also the inward heart.


Best Personality Award


The female temperament is about the accumulation of life after its’ precipitation, and to make life more enjoyable depends on whether you have the ability to find joy in life. As a Leo, she is always surrounded by a group of like-minded sisters. She is a member of the Eastern Club, a team which plays regularly every month. She loves to climb mountains and likes to climb Chihsing Mountain with her sisters the most. Where there is exercise, there will be lines and a happy mood, and your face will be flushed in rouge. After reaching the peak, you will be sweating profusely, thinking about heading back down the mountain and eating delicious food to heal your body and mind. A healthy attitude is the key to beauty. Whether you are taking good care of yourself is clear on your face. Perhaps this is Chiungling Chang's way of interpreting life: where there is light in one’s heart, life will bring fulfillment.


Fashion and Style spokesperson


She once served as a fashion model and appeared on a celebrity show, which is how she developed her unique apparel aesthetics. "I like feminine ruffled tops, while adding a soft intellectual color for women." For the brand, she believes that the style that suits her is the most important. In her heart, fashion is a beautiful state women pursue in their lives, but it is not the only purpose. Just like with this cover shot, when she was positioned, her gestures exuded a very strong aura, and even the experienced photographer expressed amazement. The staff present all felt deeply what a goddess style is all about.

採訪將末,我們得知她對於藝術也有收藏與喜好。因此好奇問及,若有機會與古今中外的藝術家對話,會選擇哪一位?她說:「二戰後歐洲最獨特的藝術狂人Francis Baco,想領會他畫中傳遞的核心精神。」善良與溫柔,淬鍊成一股女性柔軟的力量。回頭細數,她走過高潮迭起,女性的美,在於她的溫柔,而溫柔出於善良,任時光流轉,美麗卻凝時如初。

At the end of the interview, we learned that she also has a collection and strong preferences for art. So, I was curious to ask, if there was an opportunity to have a dialogue with Chinese and foreign artists, which one would I choose? She said: "Francis Bacon, the most unique artistic maniac in Europe after World War II, to better understand the core spirit conveyed in his paintings." How kindness and gentleness are tempered into a feminine soft power. Looking back, she went through pinnacles and peaks one after another. The beauty of a woman lies in her gentleness, and gentleness comes from kindness, and time passes by, but true beauty remains ever as before.